Epic Length Lock Paddle System

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Epic Length Lock Paddle |Epic Kayaks Australia


The Epic Length-Lock™ paddle has all the advantages of a push-button two-piece paddle, however it also affords you the ability to change your paddle length up to 10 cm, and change the feather angle, right or left control.

The Length-Lock™ system features our new LL2 lever locking system, a simple one-piece design that replaces the inner/outer collar set-up of the original Length-Lock™.

Our testing has shown that the LL2 is a superior locking mechanism; easier to operate while providing a more solid connection in a more durable package.

While the lever operation is new, the adjustment concept is the same. Simply open the lever lock, fix the lock on the appropriate length/feather angle setting on the ferrule, and then close the lever. The paddle is now ready to use.

Maintenance and storage have also been simplified. As the components are all part of one-piece, there is no risk of losing any parts. No waxes or lubricants are required for fit or grip. Simply rinse the LL2 down with fresh water after use, wipe away any grime or debris, and separate the paddle halves for storage. (To avoid excessive wear on the components do not store any paddle assembled with the lever locked tight.)

Because the Length-Lock™ system tightens securely onto the ferrule, it eliminates any 'play' in the connection that you commonly find in standard two-piece paddles. The Length-Lock™ is also a stronger paddle because no holes are drilled into the shaft. The option to change length and feather angle is quite useful in a variety of situations including:

  • Changing your paddle length between a narrow and wide kayak.

  • Times when you need to share your paddle with a friend or spouse who may need a different length or feather angle

  • Experimenting with different feather angles.

  • If you're unsure of what length to use, you can pick a length in the middle of your range. Then you will be able to adjust the length 5 cm longer, or 5 cm shorter.

If you are looking for the ability to adjust paddle length, feather angle, or use a stronger two-piece paddle with a more secure connection, then the Epic Length-Lock™ paddle is a perfect choice.