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Weight Matters

Kayak weight has a significant effect on a paddler’s fun and independence. Starting with the initial loading of the boat onto a vehicle, then unloading and carrying to and from the water - a heavy kayak can quickly make kayaking a tedious and even painful process. A lightweight kayak, on the other hand, makes the whole experience easier and much more enjoyable. Transporting your boat is no longer a dreaded chore or a team effort!

Once on the water a lightweight kayak feels more nimble and responsive and offers better acceleration. A light Epic kayak will make you want to get back on the water as soon as you can!

Epic Kayaks is committed to the development of innovative construction methods and materials. Other kayak manufacturers produce “lightweight” versions of their models but don’t be fooled! Many manufacturers’ published weights do not include all outfitting and actual weights are often significantly heavier than advertised. Epic’s advertised weights are for fully-outfitted kayaks. We stand by our stated weights and guarantee them to be accurate within 10% at the time of purchase.

Epic uses high-tech lightweight materials to build boats that are strong, durable and ultimately far lighter than the competition. Epic is in a class by itself when it comes to weight and value.

Construction Options


The Club layup is the most economical construction option we offer. It is also our heaviest construction, yet comparable to most competitors' standard boats.
- Fiberglass on a core mat
- Vacuum-bagged with polyester resin
- Available with GPX and all surf skis
- Club construction boats are white with blue accents


The Performance construction is a composite hybrid. We consider it to be the best value in the industry. Epic Performance kayaks are significantly lighter than the competition's equivalent products, yet are offered at a comparable price point.
- Foam core
- Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar
- Vacuum-infused, heat-cured epoxy
- Available on all kayaks and surf skis (sea kayaks and surf skis all have white deck and hull)
- Performance construction boats have black accents on bow and stern


The Ultra construction is very light and popular with the fitness and racing paddlers. It is light, stiff, and extremely strong in the water. Our Ultra disclaimer states that while stronger in the water than the Value and Performance lay-ups, the Ultra is more susceptible to impact damage and requires more care when handling.
- Nomex foam core
- Woven Kevlar fabric
- Vacuum-bagged, heat-cured epoxy
- Available on all kayaks and surf skis (white decks and hulls only)
- Ultra construction boats have red accents on bow and stern


The Elite construction is extremely light and stiff, a step up from the Ultra lay-up, but with similar durability. Being both lightweight and strong are priority number one for these boats, perfect cosmetic finishes cannot be expected.
- Nomex foam core
- Woven carbon fiber
- Wet laminate, vacuum bag
- Available on surf skis only
- All black carbon (no gel coat) with white decals