Epic Kayaks Australia Accessories

New Epic Boat Rack
Epic Roof Rack Cradles (Includes 4 x Cradles and 4 x Epic Tie-Down Straps) $189.95

Epic tie downs ! Epic Kayaks Australia Bow Strap Bonnet Tie Downs: $32.95

Epic Hip Pads

Epic Hip Pads - Set of Two: $52.00

Epic non Slip Pads

Epic Non-Slip Pads: $45.00

Epic Seat Pad

Epic Seat Pad : $29.95 Back in Stock!


Stability Pads Set

Epic Stability Pads Set : 49.95 Back in Stock!

Epic Boat Stands

Epic Set of Easy-Store Boat Stands: $179.95 Back in Stock!


Epic Roof Rack Tie Downs

Roof Rack Tie Downs: $19.95

Epic Water Bottle
Epic Water Bottle: $9.95

Epic Weed Defelector Large
Weed Deflectors: $33.95

Epic Rudder Cap

Epic Rudder Cap Assembly: $20.00

Rudder Flag | Epic Kayaks Australia

Epic Rudder Flag: $29.95

Epic Paddle Bag

Epic Paddle Travel Bag: $89.95

Epic Leisure Travelbag

Epic Leisure Paddle/Travel Bag: $149.95
(Fits 2 Paddles plus gear)

* excluding WA
(please purchase from Canoeing Down Under)